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"47 YEARS~MARCH 7th 2015"


"Dedicated to these Brothers that lived and died as HESSIANS"

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Cypress Paul (MCOC)
Goat (VENCO)
Nugget Joe (LAC)
Marv (MCOC)
Steve (VENCO)
Farmer (LAC)
Wop (MCOC)
Slob (MCOC)
Wheeler (TUCSON)
Sharp Stick (LAC)
Casper (LAC)
Dirty Dennis (MCOC) U.S. Army (Viet Nam)
Scotty (LAC)
Rotten Ralph (DESERT)
Mongol Chuck (LAC)
Tinker (MCOC)
Sandman (LAC)
Buggs (MCOC)
Rabbit (MCOC)
Red Baron (NOMAD)
Skosh (NOMAD) U.S.M.C. (Viet Nam)
Buddah (NOMAD) U.S.M.C. Two Bronze Stars w/Valor, (Viet Nam)
Skip (MCOC)
Grumpy (MCOC)
Germ (MCOC) "Charter Member" "1st HESSIANS M.C. Tattoo"
Sudsy (NOMAD) U.S.N.
Weird Walt (NEVADA)
Deadeye (LAC)
Monkey Man (MCOC)
Wrench (NOMAD) U.S.N.
Doc Holiday (MCOC)
Smiley (NEVADA)
Jack "the ol' Man"(MCOC)
Ron (RIVCO) U.S.A.F. (Viet Nam)
Magoo (NEVADA) U.S.N.
Little John (MCOC)
Big Mike (DENVER)
Luke (NOMAD) U.S.N. (Viet Nam)
Hardtail (NOMAD)
Turk (LAC)
Guyron "Captain" (NOMAD) U.S. Merchant Marines
Wild Bill (MCOC) U.S.M.C. Force Recon (Korea)
Jingles (MCOC)
Jake (RIVCO) U.S.N.
Goose (NOMAD)
Knuk (NOMAD) U.S.M.C.
Gooie (NEVADA)
Beltch (NOMAD) U.S.N. Viet Nam
Mumbles (NEVADA)
Gypsy (DESERT) U.S.M.C.
Indian George (MCOC)
One Eye Jim (NEVADA) U.S.N.
Big Dog (MCOC)
HB (Brian (NOMAD) U.S.M.C. (Viet Nam)
Byron (MCOC)
Sammy (MCOC)
Leaky (MCOC) U.S.ARMY Viet Nam
Shame (NOMAD)
L.A.C. Rusty (L.A.C.) U.S.N. (Viet Nam)

Died tryin'
Little Mike (Prospect MCOC)
Elwyn (Prospect MCOC)
Roger (Prospect RIVCO)
Glenn (Prospect MCOC)
Crash (Prospect NEVADA)

"47 YEARS~Too many BROTHERS"


There are times I think of days now past,
when youth was on my side,
before I'd found there's more to life than motorcycle rides.

Still young and strong and quite naive
the time soon came to learn,
that nothing in this world comes free
and you get just what you earn.

I soon found HESSIANS was the place, I'd Prospect for a time.
My job was now to watch their back
and Trust them watching mine.

A young man learning many things, the basic P's 'n Q's.
The brain that had been given me, it now was time to use.

I watched close and paid attention to the things that I'd been shown.
Like "Riding with your brothers beats riding all alone."
"You can't believe most what you hear and not half of what you see."
& "In the wind's the only time you're ever truly Free."

The time soon came when I realized that quickly I had grown,
with wisdom I'd been given from every HESSIAN known.

This world, for some, is a bitter place and often hearts are cold,
and BROTHERS that are cheaply bought are also cheaply sold.

Love is just another word that too many fear to use,
for others it is a feeling far too many will abuse.
Happiness is something alot of people never find,
unless of course they have found Peace in their own mind.

Respect is not a given, it is something to be earned.
If you play with fire there's a chance you may get burned.
Yesterday is a memory and tomorrow's just a dream.
"Quite often things are different than the way that they may seem."

There are times I think of days now past, when youth was on my side.
Before I'd found there's more to life than motorcycle rides.

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